We wanted the best, but it turned out as always

    My soul’s pure impulse to warn humanity about the danger of the threat of the now spread SMS divorce ran into an unexpected result. Of course, this is not the first (or even the second) day on the Internet and I understand that negative reviews are also PR, but something needs to be done so that scammers do not profit from the suckers of uninformed citizens.

    Below is a screenshot of this very result from my personal blog.
    Link to the Bloch(user agreement: by clicking on the link above you agree that the author of this topic did not intend to brazenly advertise his blog with Google ads installed on it. The author of the topic is not responsible for the effect that this blog may have on the user, as well as malicious actions and other consequences of clicking on any links from this site.)

    That is, with my innocent attempt to warn humanity about the danger, I myself become a free distributor of this infection. And this despite the fact that directly in the article I deleted the incriminating words to the maximum and nofollowed the links.

    Discussion of the sameBy the middle of it, the (not edited yet) material on Habré turned out to be interesting on the topic, and it’s good that there is no Google contextual advertising, because turning such a popular resource as Habr into a hotbed of malicious advertising is not buzzing.

    Actually, two questions: who is to blame? and what to do?
    On the one hand, can anyone read and not fall for the scammers (and look at how many different addresses lead to the same page), and on the other, I become an accomplice of the same scammers. And no, I don’t want to completely disable Google ads.

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