In the near future, two new applications for navigation using DWA will become available for Android - “augmented reality for driving”

Original author: Andrew Kameka
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Two videos recently appeared on the network dedicated to new applications for Android OS - Augmented Traffic Views and Wikitude Drive . In both, the so-called “Augmented reality” - when real images received from the smartphone’s camera are supplemented by various information layers. These two applications combine driving with augmented reality and are used to facilitate driving and navigation.
IMHO this is a new word in navigation. Augmented Traffic Views

App(Expanded Traffic Jams or Traffic Jams 2.0) uses data from traffic cameras in Toronto to inform drivers of the latest “traffic reports”. The application superimposes a layer of surveillance cameras on the current view from the phone’s camera (using your current GPS position and direction of movement). Clicking on the icon of any info camera will allow you to see what is happening at the moment at the corresponding intersection that you have to cross, and accordingly make a decision whether to go there at all or to look for a detour. Also in the application there are basic navigation functions.

Meanwhile, Mobilizy, the creator of the existing “Augmented Reality” program, Wikitude announced the release and previewed a new program called Wikitude Drive , an “Augmented Navigation” program in which navigation directions for directions are superimposed on the actual image of the road received from the camera. This is a “full-featured map-free navigation program” that works with existing navigation programs such as NavTeq and TeleAtlas via the API. Wikitude Drive also provides voice guidance using the TTS (text to speach) engine. To use the program requires a permanent connection to the Internet.

Wikitude Drive was created to satisfy the curiosity of the developers, but I wonder how practical it will be to use these applications in real life. It may be useful to use programs and be firmly attached to the dashboard, but I have a bad feeling about who dares to drive, holding the phone in his hands and looking at the image on the screen. I think many of you have seen English social advertising that talks about the consequences of typing SMS while driving . Let's hope that people have the intelligence not to play with such programs while driving.
PS I’ll add on my own that on Android at the moment there are at least 2 full-fledged programs that use “augmented reality” - Wikitude and Layar.
I have both, I will try on occasion to make a small overview of their use. Pre-announcement of the second Habré has been

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