Transformice: lemmings with real physics online

    Transformice is actually the reincarnation of famous lemmings online.
    UPD: Now and RU server!

    Briefly about this wonderful browser game:
    Everything, like in the good old lemmings, only this time in the main role of the mouse, one of which is up to you to control. One of the mice is special - a shaman, and it is he who is responsible for delivering the remaining mice safe and sound to their burrows. For this, the shaman has a whole range of items: from boards and boxes a la Crayon Physics Deluxe to exploding balls and “motivators”.
    A slight difference from lemmings - on the way to the hole it is necessary to tear off a piece of cheese. Those who have done this before and managed to get the cheese into the hole will get more points.

    The levels are very diverse, although there are not so many of them - around a dozen. In addition to solving puzzles (especially as a shaman), it is very interesting to observe the collective mind - after all, each mouse is controlled by a real player. There is a chat to coordinate actions, and coordination itself is sometimes very, very important, for example, at the level when it is necessary to balance a huge board with the mouse mass.

    Finally, a couple of tips:
    1) Create an account to be able to chat and save achievements.
    2) Acting as a shaman, select the desired item on the right side of the screen, place it near your alter ego and hold the LMB for a few seconds.
    3) Do not be greedy, cheese is enough for everyone!
    4) To play with friends, you can create your own room: / room% roomname%.
    5) Points are given to ordinary mice for brought cheese (the first three more than the rest). Points are given to shamans for each mouse that brought cheese. If there are two shamans, there are holes of only one color - each of them will receive for each mouse. If the holes are of different colors - the shaman will receive points only for the mouse that brought the cheese into his hole.

    French server . Falls less often, but everything, of course, in French.

    To play with habrausers, go to the room habr: / room habr

    PS Sometimes there may be problems with the server. Perhaps the habroeffect.
    PPS Better yet locked up

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