The cat in the bag of Samsung

      The cat in the bag of the company Samsung   

    Hero plot phone Samsung GT-E2121B

    Link to the official website here .

    How is this phone different from the rest?

    And the fact that Samsung decided to make money on content by embedding games from the “famous” company .

    The i-Free company has integrated two games “Sea Battle” and “Checkers” from Tequila Software.

    These games have “wired” transitions to paid SMS, and use some kind of security hole in Java applets. SMS is sent without warning the user.

    Since the screen is small (128x128) in this phone, to read the comment on the menu, you need to scroll 2-3 screens to the end, where the information is written.

    In the "Play" menu, the transition goes to the "Pirates theme", and then the choice is "Continue". As you may have guessed, if you select the "Pirates theme", then the i-Free company will get rich at 33.50.

    Here is the order of the scam of the Naval Battle interface:

    But the most disgusting is that phones are usually used by children at this cost and that they don’t read the offer. The child plays a game built into the phone and there he writes his name in the list of winners, all i-Free company earned 33.50.

    The list of those who fell for more round amounts is here . It is unlikely that any of them will buy the next Samsung phone.

    Hence the sad conclusions. Samsung now does not inspire confidence, you never know what it will build into its modern communicators that Apple’s GPS tracking scandalit seems like a joke here .

    I-Free makes money by using impunity from regulatory authorities.

    Beeline company transfers everything to i-Free and does not lose money at the same time, and does not even want to disconnect from services.

    Samsung in all this disgrace helps i-Free and Beeline steal to earn money.

    How not to fall for this gift from Samsung:

    - Do not buy Samsung phones :)

    - Disable toll numbers from your telecom.

    - Disable Push Messages (Settings-Applications-Messages)

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