The digest of fresh materials from the world of the front-end for the last week No. 311 (April 16 - 22, 2018)

    We bring to your attention a selection with links to new materials from the frontend area and around it.

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    podcastPodcast "Web Standards", Issue No. 117: Sketch in Avocode, new operators in ES, floats, flexes and grids, custom form elements, code style in React, scroll tricks.
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 49 - Alexey Kureyev about React Native, life in Amsterdam and a Facebook interview
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 48 - Vova Barsukov about moving to Berlin and how to switch from frontend development to consulting
    podcastPodcast “Devshahta”, Night Frontend # 31: Uncle Bob's new book
    podcastPodcast “Frontend Youth (18+)”: Wheeled release: React for dumb
    podcastPodcast “Frontend Youth (18+)”:From Amsterdam with love: Javascript - the foundation of programming
    podcastCSSSR Podcast, Issue 1: Co-pilot of a news podcast.
    video“ALL YOUR HTML” # 45: “Striped objects on curves and shaders”
    videoMoscow SPA Meetup # 4 , 4 videos
    videoenRender Conf 2018 , 15 videos
    videoenJSConf AU 2018cd h , 15 videos

    Web development

    Search engine optimization of sites using SPA applications
    I want to become a frontend developer: basic knowledge and training plan
    enDesign Checklist for creative web designers and persistent front-end developers
    enWhen to ignore 'mobile-first'
    enChoose a responsive framework for typesetting letters: MJML vs. Foundation for Emails
    enReplacing animated GIFs with Video
    enCreating a panning effect for SVG
    enpackagephobia - find out the price of adding each new dependency to a project


    Tricks with focus styles
    enA look at CSS viewport units
    enA guide to CSS variables
    enHey hey `font-display`
    enBest practices for CSS Grid Layout
    enWhy is not using a CSS cascade a problem?
    enSwipe viewport with CSS Snap Points: creating effective mobile navigation
    en1 HTML element + 5 CSS properties = Magic!
    enCreate smooth sequential animations using Sass


    An error in the JavaScript class led to the generation of vulnerable keys for cryptocurrency wallets
    Grasshopper is free software from Google developers that teaches the basics of JavaScript programming through mini-games
    habrEscape from hell async / await
    habrSvelteJS: Release of the second version
    enWhat to expect from Node. js 10
    enDesigning very large (JS) applications
    enHow components won the “framework war” . React vs Angular vs Vue: why it doesn't matter
    enPoint of view: Angular is doomed, React OK - you deserve better


    Release of the Chrome 66 web browser
    Amazon has released its mobile browser
    New tools for developers of open source projects have appeared on GitHub
    Intel offers to use the GPU to protect against malware
    Google has closed the ability to use its domain as a proxy
    Google freezes Allo and makes a bid on Chat
    Microsoft AI Translator Learned to Work Without the Internet

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