Github has over 1 million registered users

    Github celebrated with a holiday card overcoming the milestone of 1 million registered users.

    The popularity of a social web service for joint project development is growing very quickly. The previous anniversary of 100 thousand accounts was celebrated in July 2009 . It is curious that that schedule starts with the number 2, so many registered users were at the time of launch.

    It should be noted that the actual number of developers who commit code for projects on Github is much more than a million.

    Thus, it turns out that a significant part of all programmers have already registered on Github. After all, there are not so many of them in the world. According to state statisticsIn 2010, there were 1,336,300 software developers in the United States and 1,016,929 IT workers in Japan. So all over the world, probably, no more than 20 million "official" programmers.

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