Kyocera Demonstrates Foldable Mobile Phone with Flexible OLED Display


    Kyocera (Kyosera) recently demonstrated a mobile phone powered by kinetic energy, which can fold like a wallet. Designed by industrial designer Susan McKinney (Susan McKinney), Kyocera EOS (ala " Canon EOS ", Eos ( Eos ) - in Greek mythology, the dawn goddess) is made of soft polymer leather that wraps around an OLED display. The shape memory allows the buttons to pop up when the phone is in use and hide back when the phone is in standby mode.


    The mobile phone can be used as in a half-folded state to dial a number and make a call; or in widescreen mode for viewing. This phone is unique in that the source of its charge is communication with the user: folding and unfolding the phone, tiny piezoelectric generators are driven. Now you don’t have to worry about leaving your house with an undercharged phone.

    EOS is still at the concept stage, but the guys at Kyocera are hoping to bring this concept to life.

    Dali Painting: Persistence of Memory
    "Constancy of memory" of Salvador Dali.

    So here the phone will lie and show the time.


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