Google launches source code search

    The new service from Google is intended exclusively for programmers. The Google Code Search source search engine, which was officially launched yesterday, should become the best Internet search engine of its kind. Google programmers initially made a search engine for themselves, but then decided to open it for public use.

    Search from source differs from regular web search by supporting specific operators. For example, the regexp operator is used to search for regular expressions . In conjunction with operatoromi file: , package: , the lang: and license:it becomes possible to search only in files and packages that contain a given regular expression, and also take into account the programming language and license under which the source code is published.

    Source code search results are available as a GData / XML stream , so they can be embedded on any website. No ads in search results.

    At the moment, the search is carried out on the Subversion and CVS databases. You can add your own sources to the Google Code Search index through a special form .

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