Runet Today, July 11, 2011. Experts of the issue: Yuri Virovets, Philipp Ilyin-Adaev

    In the Finam FM studio - Yuri Virovets, head of the HeadHunter group of companies, and Philip Ilyin-Adaev, project manager of Together with the host, Maxim Spiridonov, they talk about the outcome of the confrontation between the Federal Antimonopoly Service and the domain registrar Ru-Center, about the disclosure of user data by the social network VKontakte to the copyright holders, about what kind of field Facebook has co-operated with Skype and how specifically it counteracts Google’s expansion into areas of social networks, about the problems with the Ukrainian state in the payment systems Yandex.Money and Qiwi and the release of the communication application Rambler-Contacts.

    1. The Federal Antimonopoly Service acknowledged that Ru-Center violated the Law on Protection of Competition.The registrar is ordered to transfer more than 239 million rubles to the federal budget. According to the FAS, it was this amount that he received illegally. On November 11 of last year, Ru-Center in the first hours of free registration in zone.rf acquired about 60 thousand domains, and some of them were further sold at closed auctions. The FAS is also going to transfer materials to law enforcement agencies, on the basis of which a criminal case can be instituted against the company.

    - What really threatens Ru-Center?
    - Philipp Ilyin-Adaev: “Ru-Center will try to challenge the FAS decision, reduce the amount of claims.”
    - Yuri Virovets: “The registrar must be an independent arbitrator by nature. From my point of view, Ru-Center should have been closed. ”
    - Will Ru-Center help its new owner - RBC?

    2. The administration of the social network "VKontakte" in the course of the trial revealed to representatives of the record company Gala Records / EMI information about ten users who uploaded unlicensed music to the site. The label, whose interests were infringed, received the IP addresses of violators. Meanwhile, the defendant refused to give him the passport data of these persons.

    - What is the most effective anti-licensing policy?
    - Yuri Virovets: “Each organization has a limit to what it can do for the sake of money. But in my opinion, handing over the user is a line that cannot be crossed. ”
    - Philip Ilyin-Adayev: “I would not hang all the dogs on VKontakte, although users should be warned that they might have problems posting unauthorized content.”

    3. The Facebook social network blocked the Facebook Friend Exporter application, which provided export of contacts from it to another, recently opened social network - Google+. The plugin is currently not working. However, the author of the module, Mohamed Mansour, intends to soon restore its functionality, taking into account the innovations of Facebook.

    - Does Google learn from the mistakes with the launch of social networks?
    - Yuri Virovets: “There was a competition - there was an inconvenience for the user. But, on the other hand, the monopolization of the social media market leads to degradation ”,“ Google has in stock the main trump card - Android. ”
    - Philip Ilyin-Adaev: “This is the beginning of the war. I would have done the same thing on Facebook. ”
    - Orkut: Google-wide luck or not?

    4. The social network Facebook, in collaboration with Skype, has introduced the function of video calls. It is used for communication within the social network. If a user is not online, you can leave him a video message. Soon, this tool will be available to the entire audience of Facebook, the administration of the project promises. The service is currently free.

    - Microsoft and Facebook: a long-term alliance against Google?
    - Philip Ilyin-Adaev: “I don’t think Facebook will make a serious emphasis on video chats in development.”
    - Yuri Virovets: “People who already use Skype are unlikely to use its solution on Facebook.”

    5. Yandex.Money and Qiwi in Ukraine are outlawed.This decision is motivated by the fact that neither company has coordinated its activities with the National Bank of Ukraine, and this requirement is mandatory for international payment systems. In addition, the issuers of electronic money in this state can be exclusively banking institutions.

    - Why did Yandex.Money and Qiwi have problems in Ukraine?
    - Philip Ilyin-Adayev: “They will agree and will continue to work.”
    - Yuri Virovets: “Yandex.Money‟ and Qiwi in Ukraine are now actively used. If you deprive people of the service, a wave of discontent will arise. ”
    - Yandex.Money and WebMoney: alignment of forces in Ukraine.

    6. "Rambler" launched in beta testing communication service "Rambler-Contacts."It is conceived as a single tool for communicating with users of various web services and instant messengers, including GTalk, ICQ, Jabber, Agent Agent, VKontakte, Facebook. The system supports sending text messages, voice and video calls. While the program works in the operating systems Windows 7, Vista and XP.

    - Does Rambler-Contacts have a chance to occupy a significant share of the Runet communication services market?
    - Philipp Ilyin-Adaev: “Rambler has been moving forward since the beginning of the year. I found myself using the search again on ”.
    - Yuri Virovets: “Rambler wants to be a communication platform, this is their new strategy.”
    - What is the most popular instant messenger in RuNet?
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