Amazon is developing a smartphone with a 3D screen


    For more than a year now, rumors have been circulating that Amazon will release a smartphone. Today, The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon is working on a wide range of gadgets, including two smartphones, one of which will have a 3D screen, writes Mashable.

    Referring to several anonymous sources, WSJ says that for a smartphone with 3D support, special glasses will not be needed and they can even control the eye movement.

    In addition to its two smartphone models, Amazon is also working on a streaming music device and set-top box. The latter was already reported by Bloomberg BusinessWeek last month.

    So far, Amazon’s gadget efforts have focused on Kindle readers and tablets. However, CEO Jeff Bezos said in an interview with AllThingsD in September that Amazon plans to expand its line of devices this year.

    “Sure - not soon, but next year. We have a few more things that we hope people will like, ”he said in an interview. "For now, talking about them is premature."

    Although the fact that Amazon is working on a smartphone is no longer news, it’s a little strange to hear about a possible 3D device. Despite a fair amount of noise a couple of years ago, 3D technology was quite modest success in the consumer technology market. However, after the publication of the WSJ article, Amazon shares rose 1.5%.

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