Where do the special offers come from?

    Every day we publish interesting announcements about cheap flights to Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, the UK, the United States and even Africa, India and various islands on our twitter. Where do these prices come from? How it works?

    The fact is that the airlines that Eviterra is looking for often carry out various campaigns to lower prices for their flights, for example, during the holiday season or on holidays, which is what our employee Ivan uses, who regularly looks at flight tables and looks for attractive offers. The system takes into account all the flights ever shown and collects statistics to calculate the average price in any direction. When next time new tariffs come into force from any airline, the site will immediately mark a cheap offer and show how much cheaper it is than average in this direction. Then, on our twitter , facebook or vkontakte , for example, takoe will appear:

    Moscow ⇄ Delhi for 14,948 rubles at the price of Samsung AQ12TSB air conditioner

    Peter ⇄ Milan for 6,665 rubles at the price of a place in the stalls at a concert of Philip Kirkorov on November 7th

    Kiev ⇄ Stockholm for 7,771 rubles at the price of the Garmin Nuvi navigator

    Moscow ⇄ Warsaw direct flight for 4240 rubles at the price of the Body Sculpture BR-1900 rowing machine

    or even
    Moscow ⇄ Hong Kong for 18346 rubles at the price of KORG microSAMPLER

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