The best sites of the Runet in the online game "Ru-Voice"

    Dear Khabravchians!

    REG.RU announces a universal vote for the best sites Runet! To do this, we have prepared a unique tool - the online game "Ru-Voice". No more automatic ratings. Now everything is decided by users.

    Where does it all start?
    You just need to go to and share your favorite URL. The more votes will be cast in favor of the resource, the more territory it will occupy on the playing field.
    On the playing field? - Yes! The first voices formed the basis of the map of popular sites, which was visually embodied in the form of a tag cloud on and until the final game, which is scheduled for October this year, will change right before the eyes of the voters.
    Everyone can vote!image

    The success of a particular resource in the game depends not only on the number of voters, but also on their activity. Each user can vote for any number of sites, but at the same time give no more than one vote for a particular site per day. Game instruments - “Multiplier”, “Unlimited voting”, “Dynamite” and “Conqueror” - will help not only to strengthen the position of the site on the map, but also to make disgusting neighbors:) You will find exciting adventures, unusual quests and puzzles, a struggle for territory and bombing!
    For those who cannot live without the Internet, a mobile version of the game has been developed , which allows you to vote for your favorite site from anywhere at any time.

    How will it all end?
    There will be no losers! The best sites will receive well-deserved attention, and the players are not only an excellent opportunity to prove to everyone that their favorite resources are the most fashionable / popular / sought after / worthy, but also valuable gifts from the organizers and partners of the game.

    And here Habr, you ask?
    Voting has already begun, and they are actively voting for our beloved Habr!
    A request to all those who pursue their mercantile interests - welcome! You can use this game as a tool to promote your own resource :)) (By the way, for this we have prepared special informers that can be embedded on voting sites).

    Bonuses are waiting for those who join the game right now! The first 50 lucky ones who use the QQPXN-LHBMF-MK212 promo code to vote will be able to try the Multiplier tool in action.

    So more active! Do not miss the chance to promote your favorite resource!

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