Taking the trail of spammers, Pravda buried itself in RBC

    The newspaper Pravda undertook to investigate the question of the reliability of spam messages, which badly spoil everyone’s blood, falling in tons to corporate and personal mail.

    Having a suspicion that the garbage mailing was the work of fraudsters, the newspaper’s editorial office chose Businessland to investigate the “control” spammer. It was assumed that this company is not only falling asleep with spam, but also deceiving, promoting non-existent services by malicious means.

    Pravda reports that Businessland allegedly holds various business seminars and trainings, to which it invites in its letters. When a newspaper correspondent called the company, they refused to introduce themselves, but they readily confirmed that they were really filling up potential customers with spam mailing. According to the representative of "Businessland", this is done in order to make customers like and attract them in a larger quantity.

    This strange conversation could have been completely ignored if Pravda’s interlocutor hadn’t mentioned that the company doesn’t do mailing by itself, but “with the help of Rosbiznesconsulting news agency ”.

    “Indeed, in the“ Seminars ”section on RBC’s website there is a banner of the“ Businessland ”company inviting to its trainings and seminars,” Pravda takes the track. However, when calling colleagues from RBC, recognition of spamming could not be obtained. They confirmed to the newspaper that this company is indeed a partner of an information agency, but it, RBC, does not help Businessland in any distribution of spam.

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