RED will release a smartphone with the support of "holographic" content

    The manufacturer of professional cameras RED, which are used for shooting films, produces a smartphone. July 6, the company said it plans to introduce a new product in early 2018 under the name Hydrogen One.

    The main difference from other smartphones will be a 5.7-inch "holographic display." The company calls the device “a media machine in your pocket” and claims that the display will support 2D content, holographic multi-view, 3D content and interactive AR / MR / VR formats, for viewing which the user does not need special glasses. However, RED did not specify how 3D-holographic content would differ from traditional 3D.

    So far, little is known about the internal components of the devices, but the company readily described the external components. Hydrogen One in the future will be equipped with a modular camera, which users will be able to change depending on the shooting conditions. RED is going to offer a module that shoots in its own holographic video format Hydrogen 4-view content (h4v). In addition, users can convert 3D content to h4v. The company notes that such modules will be available much later than the smartphone itself.

    For the sound, the manufacturer also procured its own format to match the holographic one - the H30 audio algorithm built into the firmware converts conventional stereo sound into multi-level surround sound. From the only available photos of the device so far, it can be concluded that the RED headphone jack does not refuse. Hydrogen One will also get a USB-C and a SIM / microSD slot.

    For owners of cameras RED Scarlet , Epic or WeaponThe smartphone has a function to control these devices. The phones themselves will be running an unnamed version of the Android OS and come in two versions: Aluminum worth $ 1,195 and Titanium for $ 1,595. Whether the model names reflect the material from which the device body will be made is not yet clear. RED is a long-time fan of carbon fiber and other high-quality materials in its devices, so it is doubtful that the manufacturer will actually release a titanium smartphone. It is expected that at this cost, Hydrogen One will receive a powerful processor with a large amount of RAM to handle 3D content, which the company so boasts.

    The device is available for pre-order from the site.RED. The company will deliver the device allegedly in the first quarter of 2018. In this design, specifications and delivery date may change at any time and for any reason, and the current price will be valid a limited amount of time.

    Red Digital Cinema Camera Company (RED) manufactures digital movie cameras that only support their own digital video coding standard, REDCODE. On the camera RED filmed "Martian", "Disappeared", "The Hobbit", "Social Network" and many other Hollywood tapes . In their works, they are often used by directors Peter Jackson, Baz Luhrmann, Ridley Scott, David Fincher and others. In Russia, RED One cameras were used for filming the television series Interns.

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