They still know about input, but about translations and conclusion - vaguely

    Many Russian Habr users are already familiar with the “ QIWI Personal Account ” and are aware that it is possible to replenish an electronic wallet with an amount of 500 rubles or more in the system at QIWI terminals without interest. They also know that most payments for the most popular services also go without interest. The system is developing, Yandex.Direct connected on December 19 - payment of context without interest.

    Less information about what's inside with transfers between users and withdrawing money from the system.

    Transfer between users:

    1. You can bill another user of the system: is convenient if you are engaged in freelance or small electronic commerce. In the invoice there is a comment field that the recipient will see, and there you can write: Payment for website design services

    2. There is also an instant transfer to another user. To do this, find the Mobile Wallet provider on the payment system website. Enter the user's wallet number (the number to which the QIWI Personal Account is registered), enter the transfer amount and click pay. The recipient will see the money on the balance within a few seconds.

    I note that at present, the transfer between users (both in the first and in the second version) is from 0% .

    Withdrawing money from the QIWI system:

    1. Banks with which we work to repay loans - this, in fact, is the withdrawal of money from the system. Most popular banks:
    • Alfa-Bank - 2% of the commission, but not less than 60 rubles, 10,000 rubles for one transfer. Online .
    • Tinkoff Bank - 0% commission , 15,000 rubles for one transfer. Transfer time: 1-3 business days.
    • Other banks (more than 90) - 1.5% commission, but not less than 50 rubles, 15 000 rubles for one transfer. 1-3 business days.
    2. The output directly to crispy bills is made through 2 main transfer systems: Contact system - 4% and Unistream - 2.5%. Transfer to Contact takes 1-3 business days. Unistream is faster - day to day .

    3. Withdrawal to other electronic money is, in fact, not a conclusion. The conclusion is cash.
    But some translate earned into other electronic currencies. But this is not very convenient for ordinary users, since the size of our commission for such transfers is 5%, to which the e-mail commission is added. Of money. But for “ Name Wallets ” - this can be an interesting option, since for them the commission is only 2%. The restriction on a delay in payments of 2 hours remains, as well as the restriction on the amount of one transfer.

    4. Well, the last way is a virtual VISA card . This is also not quite a conclusion, but an option that many are interested in. By the way, more than 100,000 cards have already been issued. I remind you that when buying a Visa a commission is taken - 5.25%.

    If you have any questions, please ask.

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