iPad ... iPad ... And about iPhone OS 3.2, everyone is silent


    The iPad came out, a lot of noise, someone for, someone against. There are many places where they described the technical characteristics of the new device, but no one affected the software part. But for developers a new SDK is already available.
    I bring to your attention a free translation of the list of changes in the new iPhone OS 3.2 firmware.

    I must say right away that there is one BUT : iPhone OS 3.2 does not support iPhone and iPod touch devices. It runs only on iPad.

    1) Popovers

    Floating windows that can help with the organization of content within the application. They can display controls or useful information in an unobtrusive way.

    Their advantages:
    - they appear in response to a user action and disappear at a time when the user does not interact with them and goes beyond their boundaries. Due to this, they are unobtrusive.
    - they occupy a small part of the screen, so they do not close the main content.

    2) Split Views

    Separated views. They allow you to present several types on one screen at the same time, very convenient: for example, you can immediately see the list of letters and the contents of the selected letter.

    3) Custom Input Views

    Own input methods. Now you have the opportunity to create any input methods for any elements. For example, earlier text fields only supported keyboard input.

    4) External Display Support

    The device can be connected to external screens through a set of special cables. At the same time, you have the opportunity to specify in the application which windows on which screens will be displayed

    5) Gesture Recognizers


    Simplification and automation of work with gestures. Now applications can easily use inside themselves all standard gestures, such as 2-finger scrolling, zooming, rotations, etc. Previously, there was access only to the coordinates of tapping the screen and you had to implement gesture support yourself, which is why there are so many awkward programs for working with gestures in AppStore

    6) Improved Text Support

    - New libraries for working with text have been added;
    - Improved support for input methods, as I understand it, you can create your own keyboard;
    - Support for any fonts, now fonts can be in the program itself and they can be registered in the system.

    7) File and Document Support (the most delicious!)

    7.1) File-Sharing Support

    File sharing.

    - If the program is aimed at working with files, the developer should indicate this
    - All available files are stored in the "Documents / Shared" folder of the application
    - When connected to a computer - a folder with shared files is available on it - a flash drive
    - The user can dispose of with these files: edit, move, delete

    7.2) Document Support Document

    Now programs can register to open any documents, when opening files, these programs will be launched

    7.3) PDF Generation

    now programs can generate PDFs with any content themselves

    8) Xcode Improvements

    - Xcode simplifies the process of adapting iPhone applications for iPad, making it easy to update existing projects;
    - Xcode simplifies the process of checking the application, and also allows you to debug signed applications;
    - Now you can easily transfer your developer profile to another computer;
    - Interface Builder supports new iPad elements.

    Original (available only for developers)

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