Goodbye karma or Who needs an iPad?

    I don’t understand the rapturous reaction on these internet of yours about the freshly presented tablet from Apple .


    Already at first glance, the following things confuse:

    First, the form factor. The laptop can be put on your knees or put on any surface and work with it anywhere. With a tablet, this does not work - how to hold it, it’s interesting, like an artist, a palette - on the forearm, holding it with your elbow?

    It’s unrealistic to simply hold this ten-inch fool in your palms - although it looks like a giant iPod, it’s still a laptop, not a PDA. And the thumb is no longer multi-touch.

    Secondly, the screen. The resolution of 1024x768 is somehow not serious.

    Thirdly, where is WiMax? For cities not happy with Yota’s presence, this may be irrelevant for now - but I’m paying my 30 bucks a month for it.

    There is no USB port either, so you won’t use an external modem either. Already at one time Apple scolded for one USB port on the MacBook Air - it didn’t penetrate, you see.

    Battery - 10 hours. Good, but not new.

    What is left over? Price, in the States from $ 499. We, of course, will be more expensive - but even for 30 thousand rubles a tablet from Yabloko in our country has a chance - in the end, they buy iPhones from us for comparable money. And here is the same iPhone, only with a larger screen. For our man - this is not an argument.

    PS Oh, I feel Apple fans will not forgive me this record :-) Goodbye karma!

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