It seems that changes are coming in the game runet - from minute to minute beta testing of the pathos and ambitious game site will open with profits for Habra-people, a beautiful domain and a pretty stub on the main :)

    Guys, stop asking for invites - weary. Leave emails in the form on the site. Your UFO.


    Under the cut is a few theses I got about the project, some of which may well justify the ambitions of the developers. And secret screenshots, of course!

    So, according to the assurances of the developers:
    • The site implements a role model, borrowed from games: depending on how active the user is, he has more and more opportunities for interacting with the site and its participants.
    • Investments in the project amounted to about $ 1 million.
    • This is the most original game runet project; in terms of functionality, it surpasses similar gaming sites.
    • Design created by Pirogov Bureau .

    Habrausers get into beta without queuing;)
    Enter the invite code here:

    And a few pictures:

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