How Google sees the Internet of the future

Original author: Marshall Kirkpatrick
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Recently, at the Gartner Symposium / ITxpo Orlando 2009 , Eric Schmidt shared his vision for the future of the Network for the next five years.

• The web will be dominated by materials and social media in Chinese;
• You can look at today's teenagers - they easily and smoothly move from one web application to another. Given this fact, you can also understand what the web will be like;
• According to Moore’s law , through this time the performance of computer devices will allow you to run powerful applications and implement new ideas;
• The average speed of Internet access will be more than 100 Mbit / s, so the borders between the web and TV, radio will be erased;
• “We want to display real-time search results”;
• “The amount of video content will grow as we start making money on YouTube”;

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