Panasonic engineers introduced a charging table with solar panels

    Panasonic decided to combine the two ideas by combining solar panels and wireless charging technology for various devices. The result is such an interesting hybrid solar-powered charging table. Of course, its disadvantage is that if you pour beer on the surface with a couple of cups of coffee or something else, then the performance of the charging table will significantly decrease.

    Outwardly, everything works quite simply - the gadget is placed on the surface of the table, and the gadget continues to recharge the battery. Interestingly, this table was shown at one of the security technology exhibitions. What relation this development has to security is not entirely clear, but the device, you see, is quite interesting.

    In principle, this is an excellent solution for a summer cottage or a bright apartment, and Panasonic is going to launch the development for commercial use in early 2012. The table will be able to charge all types of phones from Panasonic (so far nothing is said about whether the device is compatible with other types of mobile devices). The table supports the QI Wirless Power standard.

    In general, such developments are not new, there are a lot of them. Despite the fact that the table looks interesting, it has many shortcomings, I think everyone understands them. In general, a wireless charger will be really attractive to the user, which will be portable, not very expensive (of course, this is subjective), compatible with a large amount of equipment and available for order in any country. Maybe you already have such chargers?

    Via akihabaranews

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