As thanks to, I realized that backups need to be done myself

    On Friday, around five o’clock, the i-metric and god began to fill up mail with alerts - one of the sites stopped responding. It would seem that this is shared hosting, they always have some troubles. A few hours later, the situation did not improve - the site is down, the IP address is not responding. The support response was very pleased - there was a failure and performance will be restored no earlier than Sunday noon (i.e., almost two days later).

    What, in fact, is the salt of the post - after two days the server was raised, and the backup was restored three months ago, they say, “well, I couldn’t”. This is the finish line, now everything will have to be restored by Google’s cache.

    I am writing to:

    • you didn’t step on the same rake - if the Russian hoster writes “backup” in the service description, keep in mind that they don’t write how often they will do it = (
    • find out what are convenient services for backup (mysql + files)

    By the way - I recently transferred another project to English with - for less money I got a chic scalable and managed vps on xen with a guaranteed backup (daily / monthly / weekly + custom), which does not slow down the drives on Friday and the weekend in the evening because “our servers are attacking” ( had this for several months).

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