In Hollywood filmed a full-length film for YouTube

    This Friday, the first Hollywood movie created specifically for the Internet appeared on YouTube. We will not discuss the artistic value of such a tape, something else is important - big business began to try new types of content distribution, one of which is posting the film on YouTube, and, possibly, other video services. By the way, not so long ago Warner Bros. made it possible to watch one of his films on Facebook.

    By the way, the film in question is not a debut low-budget picture with unknown actors. In it, for example, starred Denny DeVito, Carla Gugino and other actors. As for the plot, there is nothing particularly original - the story of a group of people who in one night visited about 10 different bars in Los Angeles is shown. Perhaps someone will like the film, someone will not, but the creation of a film specifically for the Web is still a pretty important precedent. Indeed, nowadays, such media as DVDs are playing an ever smaller role, and the Internet is playing an ever-increasing role.

    The film was directed by Sebastian Gutierrez, and you can watch it here. The film seems to be free, probably the creators of the film receive money from the service itself, which shows advertising. By the way, I myself went to the page of the movie, but I couldn’t see it - after clicking on the start of viewing the player displayed a black window and nothing more. If anyone succeeds in watching a movie, let us know in the comments about its quality, the amount of advertising and other, if not difficult.

    In general, it would be very nice if other content providers took up this initiative and started posting their films on YouTube, allowing them to be watched without the need for payment. As for advertising, yes, it annoys many, but people still watch TV, although the duration of commercials on TV is already 20 minutes or more (on some channels). Personally, I have long given up trying to watch something on TV (except for Viasat History and Discovery).

    Now we are waiting for new films on YouTube, good and different.

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