Quite often, I look in the sandbox. Sometimes there you can fish really valuable materials. For a couple of authors, I even found invites, because I wanted them to continue to be able to share their compiled thoughts and ideas on a larger scale.
    Recently, I even noticed a slight improvement in the quality of posts (if this is not a temporary or accidental phenomenon). Somewhere, at last, they began to reinforce the posts with graphics, somewhere they were stated in a more understandable form and a readable presentation. But ...
    Maybe I'm wrong, but people are trying to focus on common interests. Look for topics that would be hooked used to proc eed number of people. Do not miss any events to play on them, and so on.
    For the most part, this is like an invite chase. And only a few want them to be heard, so that truly healthy and powerful ideas can be discussed with others. Not comments, not jerky messages, but a lot of work done. And I like these people. At times, they are much more pleasant to read than narrators of events in their own words.

    Therefore, I would like to wish to submit to the public those materials that really excite the authors. Yes, these materials sometimes may not completely fit the theme of the resource, but if they are really interesting, then it’s stupid to think that they will not be appreciated here! Habr is a multilateral resource, and many topics, at first glance non-thematic, find their nook among many communities, even if they do not completely hurt them.

    Just decided to share my thoughts. Do not blame me.

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