CPU and memory utilization indicators on taskbar

    It seems that Windows 7 is creating a new type of application, which is an indication of certain events on the taskbar. So, for example, Gmail Notifier Plus (it was written about on Habré) allows you to monitor new messages in Gmail directly from the taskbar.

    The other day there was a new set of utilities Taskbar Meters , which allows you to track CPU load and memory consumption.


    The color dependence of the indicators and the refresh rate are configurable:


    Taskbar Meters is an open source project located on Codeplex.com. Download Taskbar Meters (~ 400 kb).

    Updated.Another set item has become available: disk I / O indicator. I compiled and posted on SkyDrive for those who do not want to deal with the source. The archive is independent and the utility in it should work itself without the main part. Download TaskbarDiskIOMeter.zip

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