Site purchase

    Not so long ago a representative of one of the major festivals turned to me. The audience of this action is currently in the region of 30,000 people. The purpose of his visit was that they launch a new series of festivals after NG and change a lot, both in terms of organizational activities and in terms of the style of festivals. The site of the festival is something of the 90s. In this connection, they want to refresh the site, update something in terms of design, etc., etc.
    Everything would be fine, but like most “customers” they want to get, if not for free, motivating you yourself to us for coming to us, then for a very limited budget. As a standard, we send such clever people to similar companies so that people understand how much it costs and WHAT it is, but usually there are all kinds of BUT. In this case, I myself am interested in making this project, but the proposed budget does not suit me at all. It is not that small, it is actually not at all as such. Therefore, after reflection with my team, it was decided to invite customers to buy the rights to the site because I really see great prospects in it.
    Such an idea came at the time of the representatives of the customer and the most governing core. And again, different kinds of BUT arise. I’m ready to take the whole site under my wing, ready to update it, refresh it, start looking in the direction of possible monetization, BUT, the site’s design uses a logo that is a registered trademark. I can’t remove it, otherwise the site will lose its face, just like that I can’t keep it either. There is an idea to sign an agreement on the use of TM for the nth period, after which it is necessary to think where to steer further. Therefore, I would like to know / ask / consult with the community someone who thinks about this. Thank you in advance.

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