Fallout fan recreated PIP-Boy 3000

    Remember what PIP-Boy 3000 is? A kind of universal microcomputer, which is used by the character of the game Fallout for many purposes. This is managing things, and getting information about the world around you and your own health, and much more. Fallout is generally a cult game, and at various times toy fans created and are creating things from the game world, including a Gauss rifle and weapons of a different type. This time, the PIP-Boy 3000 was recreated in our reality.

    At the same time, control is performed in the same way as in the game, using various levers and wheels. Previously, the PIP-Boy 3000 was already tried to be created, but what worked was weakly similar to the original. And if it looks like, then all these wheels and levers were left only for beauty, control was still carried out using the touch screen. Here we have everything for real.

    Interestingly, for his post-apocalyptic mini-computer, the author used a display, processor and some other details from HTC Desire HD + Arduino Uno. The result is what happened. In the video below, you can see how the device works.

    Via joystiq

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