New MVC charting extension

    We are pleased to announce that in the next version of DXperience - v2011 vol 1 - there will be a new extension for ASP.NET MVC , namely the MVC Chart Extension.

    This extension allows you to add dozens of different graphs to the MVC application - from rectangular and circular, to radar and financial.

    If you are interested, welcome to cat.

    When developing a new extension for MVC, we tried to do not just something that “works a bit under MVC”, but fully support all the necessary functionality. For example, this video demonstrates how you can edit the Gantt chart on the fly, as well as how the “drill down”, print and export work:

    In addition, features such as:
    • Sort and filter data.
    • Unlimited number of axes and regions for showing graphs.
    • Data binding of either each series separately, or using a common template.
    • Annotations with text or with a picture.
    • much more ...

    We also tried to pay attention to how convenient and concise will be the creation of graphs in the code. Here is a small example of working code in which we will create a simple column chart:

    <%@ Control Language="C#" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewUserControl" %>
        Html.DevExpress().Chart(settings => {
            settings.Name = "myChart";
            settings.SeriesDataMember = "Year";
            settings.SeriesTemplate.ArgumentDataMember = "State";
            settings.SeriesTemplate.ValueDataMembers[0] = "Product";
            settings.SeriesTemplate.Label.ResolveOverlappingMode = ResolveOverlappingMode.Default;
            Axis2D axisY = ((XYDiagram)settings.Diagram).AxisY;
            axisY.Interlaced = true;
            axisY.Title.Text = "Millions of Dollars";
            axisY.Title.Visible = true;

    If you are interested in the new extension for MVC, then you can get more detailed information by watching the recording of the last webinar on our website: ASP.NET MVC Charting Preview

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