Baidu has created its own mobile platform based on Android

    True, this OS for mobile devices, called Baidu Yi, uses the same Android as the basis. Nevertheless, the Chinese developers have changed the mobile OS from Google quite a lot, and believe that they have every right to call the resulting product a new mobile operating system. In addition, Baidu plans to distribute applications for its OS through its own application store, and not through the Android Market. So far, there are no Baidu Yi-based mobile devices, but soon they should appear.

    Another major Chinese company, Alibaba Group, also previously unveiled its Aliyun mobile OS, also based on Android. This OS, unlike the Baidu product, relies on the use of cloud services. According to representatives of the Alibaba Group, Aliyun OS is a worthy competitor to mobile operating systems from Apple, Google, Nokia and Microsoft.

    Chinese companies clone Android, changing it in their own way, because although Google continues to work in China, many of the company's services are blocked in this country. Thus, Android does not allow the Chinese to take advantage of all the functions available to residents of other countries. Well, Chinese companies are replacing the usual services built into Android with their own, offering residents of the Middle Kingdom to use mobile devices with "creatively redesigned" OS. In general, this tactic is still successful.

    As for Baidu Yi, this mobile OS offers users the same functions as Android (even these OSs are very similar in appearance), but instead of services from Google, we use the services of Chinese companies here, including a map service, synchronization with the cloud, music service and search.


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