Geek Wedding Band

    Geek Wedding BandThe company Green Karat came up with an interesting model of wedding rings, which should interest couples who, let's say, are very interested in computers. The main feature of such a ring is a commemorative inscription made in binary code.

    On the outside of the ring, the designers launched five parallel tracks, on each of which 20 strips can be squeezed out or ... nothing 20 times the same length as a stripe can be squeezed out. The bar indicates 1, but nothing - 0.

    Zeros and ones that are in the same column in all five stripes one above the other form a binary number, from 1 to 31. This is enough to encode any letter of the Latin alphabet (and even Cyrillic, if you drop “ё” and “« ”). Thus, on the ring you can record any message up to 20 characters long.

    Of course, on each pair of rings you can order your own text. On what you see in the picture, “A Marriage of Values” is written - a pun, since the word value can be translated both as value, dignity , and as value , in this version it is known to every programmer.

    The price of the ring is also interesting: $ 950 for a jewelry made of white or yellow gold, or $ 1750 for platinum. Sizes from 4 to 12, delivery from the online store is guaranteed for 4 weeks.

    Green Karat is committed to reducing the production of precious metals, which seriously damages the environment at all stages. To do this, they urge people to shake up their bins and to recycle all old and worthless jewelry, utensils and other precious metal products. All jewelry produced by the company is made without harming the environment.

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