Recognizing Images

    Facebook has begun testing face recognition technology for Facebook Photos. This is one of the first innovations that will affect the popular application.

    Now users will be able to evaluate the recognition function, because, according to the authors, marking friends in photographs is a very boring and routine process, especially in the case of a large number of characters in a single photo or just a voluminous album. To eliminate the “tagging” stage, the developers introduced face recognition technology, thanks to which the physiognomy will be determined automatically.

    As a result, we get an image where all the characters were found, and all that remains for the user is to answer Facebook to the question "who are all these people?"

    The technology itself is not a revelation - we have long been able to observe similar functionality in fresh digital dust boxes. But who said that it cannot be used in Facebook Photos, especially since it is really convenient and more justified than in the same cameras.

    The company claims that this is only the first sign in a series of improvements that are going to be applied on Facebook. It is worth noting that the sabzh post on Facebook was written by Sam Odio, one of the co-founders of Divvyshot, which Facebook acquired back in April and specifically to improve its photo service.

    What other features would you like to see on Facebook Photos? Maybe Facebook will soon be able to learn not only to find a person in the photo, but also to recognize him? In any case, you have the opportunity to share your ideas through a special form .


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