Problems with pictures on Habré in Opera

    Not so long ago, I noticed that information about topics (without arrows and a picture of the habruiser) began to look strange:


    comments (without a cross and a checkmark):


    and votes (without a strip for displaying the number of votes):


    However, I did not see any mention of this problem. Therefore, I thought that I blame everything on the fresh beta of the Opera, however, in stable 10.10 the problem is the same. In IE and Chrome there is no such problem.

    Then I thought that the pictures are cut with a working proxy, but the picture is the same from home.

    Can anyone tell me what this is connected with? Very inconvenient :(

    PS: The buttons for creating a new topic in Opera are also not visible, including had to be written from Chrome.

    UPD:I had to tear down the Opera, delete all the directories that are associated with it, put it again - everything appeared. Maybe some sequence of updates / rollbacks from beta to release is so reflected. Sorry to bother you.

    UPD2: It was all due to ad blocking, but for some reason it didn’t occur to me.

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