Geek community for testing projects

    I welcome the habrasociety.

    Studying materials about various startups, I found that very often the developers themselves are not able to provide monitoring and testing of the project by the forces of their team. Often, as an alternative, various ways of involving geeks in these events are provided, or they simply give the testing phase to their friends and acquaintances, which, in my opinion, is not effective.

    The idea is this: what can be a “community of geeks for testing projects”, does it have a future? My opinion is that a project is needed (I did not find such a resource on the network). The startup manager gives the opportunity for registered users in the community (all or part of) advanced users to access their brainchild, the terms of cooperation are stipulated, payment is made, the project is monitored, possibly with public statistics, proposals are made for the development and improvement of the startup, etc.

    Moreover, the manager himself does not spends time and energy searching for ways to involve geeks, work is carried out immediately to add the project to the database, we immediately get a lot of reviews and suggestions that developers could not take into account, etc.

    The benefits are obvious. What do you think? Or maybe something similar already exists? In any case, even if such a community is present on the network, you can always do something original with some change in the parameters. Since the completed projects have weak spots immediately. It remains to do the same, but better;)

    Good luck!

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