iCade - Turn Apple Devices Into Game Joysticks

    iCade Mobile is a Bluetooth case with a set-top box that can turn the iPhone into a kind of PSP. There is a variation for the iPad, it is called iCade Core.
    On sale now. Under the cut - a couple of photos, description and price, 2 videos.

    With these modules, gamers will be able to recall the good old tactile control. Although touch screens are suitable for games, sometimes (especially when it comes to racing, fast arcades or intense fighting games) the joystick is much more appropriate than the touchpad.

    ICade solves this problem. With the device for the iPhone, you get a 4-way navigation key and 4 action buttons.

    The iPad can be mounted in a stand both vertically and horizontally.

    The average cost of devices:

    ICade Mobile - $ 80.
    ICade Core - $ 100


    Also such a thing for $ 100 was discovered on the ThinkGeek website .

    And this is a miracle for $ 30 .

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