Hexy - Arduino-based assembly robot

    Joseph Schlesinger has long wanted to create a designer for robot lovers. And finally, after several years of work, he put his ideas into practice by creating Hexy, an interesting set that allows you to assemble a robot to your taste, if I may say so. At the same time, the kit allows you to assemble your robot without any problems - the availability of ready-to-use modules simplifies the task.

    Interestingly, any person who can cope with the Lego constructor (an ordinary constructor) can assemble a robot. The kit includes not only modules, but even screws with a screwdriver, which is unusual in itself (not the presence of screws, but the presence of a screwdriver). The goal that the author pursued was not to learn how to assemble complex robotic systems, from scratch to a finished system. No, here, as mentioned above, there is no difficulty.

    Assembling a robot is not the most interesting here, the highlight of the project is in programming different types of behavior and movements for your robot. And here there is no limit to perfection. In addition, Schlesinger is going to release additional modules for Hexy, so that all this becomes even more interesting.

    The cost of the entire system is only 200 US dollars. The starter kit includes a wireless module, an ultrasonic sensor, 6 legs and 20 servos. Of course, the "brain" of the robot is based on Arduino. Management can be done through software for PC, Android OS, iOS.

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