ASUS decided to hold off with chromobooks

    Samsung’s recently released second-generation laptops preloaded with Chrome OS, Google’s cloud-based operating system, with a price range of $ 450 to $ 550, was an unconvincing step for other vendors for several reasons, and Taiwanese Asustek has postponed plans to release its chromobuk.

    According to available statistics, sales of the first generation of laptops with Chrome OS did not exceed 200,000, which can not be compared with the sales of conventional laptops - in 2011 alone in Russia about 4 million were sold. There are quite a few reasons for this: besides rather high prices for the device, which is comparable to the prices for ultrabooks, which offer more powerful hardware and begin to get cheaper due to Intel's efforts, the share of undemanding consumers who prefer to consume content rather than produce it (and such the vast majority), prefers the trendy, launched by Apple, the trend is tablets.

    Another important reason is called another - psychological. Potential buyers of laptops with a cloud operating system understand that even despite the spread of wireless networks, their laptop will not be particularly useful in the absence of the Internet, which causes some discomfort due to the fact that direct access to files stored in the cloud may not be denied in most cases. Wrong moment.

    Against the background of all this, Asustek, which is called as a vendor for the long-awaited tablet from Google, whose presentation is expected on the upcoming Googlu I / O, has decided to abandon plans to enter the chromobook market until the situation with market expectations becomes more definite or until consumers can make prices on Chrome OS laptops, it’s so affordable for consumers that they can put up with the potential inconvenience.

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