bishop3000 and rating

    Good afternoon, habr.

    Today I look at the top of the rating ... I see xaoccps there at the head of the rating.
    I think, yeah, that means bishop3000 is no longer a leader. So he is probably in second place.
    Oh no. Did not find it on the first page at all.
    I think it's strange, maybe a UFO?
    I go to the bishop3000 page and am surprised:
    1st in the rating

    What is this bug? Or the threshold of habrasila, reaching which you become the leader "forever"?

    Your opinion is interesting.
    Thanks for the attention

    upd: smart people say that because of the ban. And no one knows what they banned for? All the same, they banned not some troll, but the constantly writing author and leader of the rating.

    upd2 by madduck :
    Drive into Google: Russia in the Mgle (anxiety of a simple entrepreneur). It is because of this reprint of the topic.
    Like, you don’t copy-paste on the habr. Make it as a topic link.
    But he is not alone, several more people grabbed the ban. Today banned copy-paste about IPhone 3G. (again, not framed as a topic link). So it’s not like censorship :-D

    tough they are ...

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