Unsubscribe now - a few words about newsletters of projects / sites

    Not so long ago a topic slipped that users do not want to register on a heap of then unnecessary sites. Registration is inevitable if the user wants to see information that is closed to ordinary visitors to the site, and especially when the user wants to see how a particular service works.

    As you know, in most cases, registration you subscribe to some news, which subsequently carefully send out. It is no secret that the "mailing list" is one of the competitive advantages of the project, because it can be "sold" as well as attendance. On the other hand, not all resource owners realize the importance of the “residual” effect, a kind of flavor trail left by a site that the user has not visited for a long time, but who continues to send his “news” to this user.

    Dear user!

    Please go to your "***" account and in the "Settings" uncheck the option "Receive newsletter service".


    2008/9/17 Sergei Polovnikov <*** @ gmail.com>

    how to unsubscribe from your newsletter?

    This is a small piece of correspondence with the administration of one of the projects that I visited once, was convinced of its futility, and tried to forget about it. Maybe I’m too spoiled, but foreign mailings almost always contain the unsubscribe now link at the end of the letter, clicking on which the address is removed from the mailing list, without unnecessary access to the site, remembering passwords and other heresies, leaving a negative trail of aroma instead of pleasant memories but stockpile with rot.

    PS. As a result of the correspondence, the administration of the resource “kindly” deleted my account on its own. Strange, because I only asked to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

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