The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

    The Polish office of CD Projekt RED has already announced that in the future it plans to release a continuation of its successful role-playing game “The Witcher”. But the sequel is only the verbal promises of the Poles. In the meantime, they intended to please fans of the game with a new patch. Even, rather, add-on.

    The main problems of the Witcher game were and remain a long time of loading locations and saving (in the later stages), a far from optimized engine that produces low fps on non-high-end computers. This is, first of all, that the Polish igrodelys overcame in a special version of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. According to CD Projekt RED, the download speed of locations will be reduced by 80%, and the game itself will work stably on almost all configurations.

    Another reason for the release of the add-on was the addition of more than 50 models to the game for minor characters (in the Witcher world, many residents of cities and villages were one person) and a new animation for all the characters. In addition, there will also be an editor for creating fan modifications and two story mods made by CD Projekt RED itself, with a total duration of about five hours.

    Perhaps one of you will say that the Poles, taking advantage of the popularity of the game, simply intended to cut down a little money by selling additional content. In a way, this is so. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition will be sold with a bunch of bonus materials: a soundtrack, a guide from developers, etc. But in fact, you should pay tribute to CD Projekt RED. In order to get the promised engine fixes, the editor and new mods will be enough just to download a large patch. This can be done on May 16th.

    via Igromania

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