Palm Centro: GSM option

    The CDMA version of the Palm Centro smartphone, released in September 2007, was awarded the 4th place in the list of the best gadgets of the past year according to the version of Time magazine. It is quite a decent smart, and sold in the US at a price of $ 99, taking into account the conclusion of a two-year contract with the operator (for CDMA it is Sprint), I am sure that it was rightfully in this list.

    And so, just the other day, Palm released a GSM version of this device. Available "new" will be in two versions of the color version of the case (black and white). According to the filling, GSM Centro will not differ from CDMA. As for the price. Cost in the USA (when connecting to the AT&T service for two years) a smart will cost the same $ 99.

    via Zdnet

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