Despite Baisarov’s statement, there are more people wishing to help the president create a national trading platform

    Megamind wrote that in December 2015, the director general of the Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation Ruslan Baysarov sent a letter to the president with a proposal “to create an internal e-commerce infrastructure”, which should allow “any manufacturer of quality products” from Russia to “enter global markets”, “find their client "and" compete anywhere in the world. "

    On December 10, the president endorsed a letter wording “consider and support.”

    According to Baysarov, the Internet platform should “cover all the key markets of the world” and trade not only with the CIS countries, but also outside the commonwealth, for example, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE.

    The Russian Alibaba, which Ruslan Baysarov is planning to create with the support of the state, may be launched this year on the domain . Baysarov will invest in the creation of a trading platform “tens of billions of rubles,” said the businessman RBC.

    Despite the fact that Baysarov apparently considers the creation of the “Russian Alibaba” settled, retailers continue to offer their candidacies for the role of a national trading platform. Jack Ma, the

    founder of Alibaba, the largest Chinese online retailer, also supported Vladimir Putin’s initiative to create an online platform for the export of Russian manufactured goods.

    Ma hopes that Alibaba will be able to help develop the Russian infrastructure for e-commerce, as well as take part in creating an e-commerce platform in Russia.

    In the fall of 2015, the retailer Yulmart announced the transition from the concept of an online store to an integrated platform with its network of distribution centers and order fulfillment.

    The company has acquired 3 distribution centers and 32 city execution centers, 400 Yulmart Outpost order points, 300 vehicles of various tonnages in the fleet for long-distance transportation and delivery of goods to customers. “Yulmart” in the near future plans to completely switch to a marketplace, like Amazon .

    Now “Yulmart” is ready to become the basis for the creation of a national trading platform. The retailer sent the corresponding proposal with the development concept to the Ministry of Economic Development. Other retailers also offered their services.

    Yesterday, February 11, a working group of the ministry held a meeting on the creation of the very same online platform to facilitate the export of Russian goods abroad.

    “During the meeting, various functions that such a platform could perform were discussed. They also spoke of assistance in insuring goods, providing mechanisms for their return and cost compensation, and so on, ” said Alexei Fedorov, head of the Internet Trade Companies Association ( AKIT ), to

    At a meeting of the working group, the head of the Russian office of JD.comAlex Vasiliev proposed his company for the role of such a platform.

    “I suggested that Mr. Vasiliev sell to Russian legal entities, he refused,” comments Fedorov.

    In addition, at the meeting, the Ministry of Economic Development proposed introducing profit tax deductions for exporting suppliers on the online platform being created. According to the department, at the moment, small and medium-sized businesses are not interested in exporting their products due to the difficult and non-transparent procedure of customs clearance and taxation.

    To simplify the design of tax and customs documents Ministry of Economic Development has offered to allow confirmation of a zero VAT rate by means of postal delivery note and create automatic verification of export of intellectual property with the list of extremist materials, transfer "News".

    “I am sure that Russian exporters need two things: simplification of VAT refund and faster and more transparent procedure for processing customs documents. As for who exactly could act as such a platform - I believe that this can be any Russian company or structure: Russian Post, the EXIAR export agency, the company created by Ruslan Baysarov, or any major Russian retailer - this is not fundamentally, ”summarizes Alexei Fedorov.

    Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development believe that not a single proposal to create a “Russian Alibaba” contains a complete working concept.

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