6 most effective ways to collect emails

There are over 50 ways to collect emails. Which of them to use in the project? How to determine the best? Should I use everything? I ask myself each time a need arises to collect subscribers.

Under the cut, I collected six of the best, in my experience, ways to collect emails that you can quickly implement at home. I ranked them according to their effectiveness. Most of the experience I got in the auto business, alas, there is some touch of subjectivity. Therefore, I urge email marketers to share their numbers and thoughts on this subject.

Let's get it right.

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1. Popup

I am sure that you, as Internet professionals, have to deal with an annoying way to collect emails - pop-up. And the word “often” is the answer to the question of which of the collection methods is the best. Yes, popup is the most effective way to collect emails and there are two reasons for this:

Easy to install and configure.

Do not write TK, do not draw mock-ups and prototypes, let the developers rest - you insert the code of your mailing system (Email Service Provider, hereinafter - ESP). You configure the conditions for the appearance of the popup and you are already collecting emails. It will start in 15 minutes. From a business point of view, implementation speed is a parameter by which a pop-up gives odds to other methods.

High conversion

According to one of the domestic ESPs (we will not disclose which one in order not to advertise), the conversion of pop-ups is ~ 0.8%. Other methods of collection on average ~ 0.5%. Yes, the popup is annoying, yes it appears before closing the page, yes, yes, yes. But, again, from a business perspective, the number of emails collected in this way is higher than other online methods.

How to make the pop-up window appear only when it is needed? There is no universal answer. You have to test, like everything you do on the Internet. Plus, it's that simple. Popups have many settings:
  1. Display time. In the third second, in the third minute.
  2. URL setting
  3. Trigger popup. Appears after your actions. For example, after a user has put two products in a basket or is about to leave the site.
  4. You can skip pop-ups for those who have already seen it or who have already signed up.

All these settings are combined and make complex and effective schemes for popups to appear very well. For example, a user spent 5 minutes on a site, looked at 3 content articles - obviously, the material is interesting to him, and it’s time to show a subscription window with an offer to receive your articles by mail.

I, like you, are very worried about users on the site and try to use popup very carefully. I didn’t find a super recipe, but with the help of tests I realized that if you want a lot of subscribers, you can show a popup 5 seconds after entering the site. The main thing is that the message is potentially useful. For example - "leave your email and get 1000r in the bonus account." At this moment, the potential buyer will forget about the pop-up, he will already think about a thousand rubles.

There is another option popup, for those who are very worried about users. Make an end-to-end shortcut by clicking on which the subscription form will appear. Using this method, you can not be afraid of a drop in viewing depth and a large bounce rate.

2. Subscription page

Sorry for such a vulgar example. The

second most effective tool after pop-up in my rating is the subscription page. Or a landing page, yes, landing, I just don't like this word. Efficiency is primarily due to conversion - the entire page is dedicated to one topic and the goal is the same - to get an email. It remains only to drive quality traffic to this page. A page can live independently and as part of the site. Traffic can be driven from contextual advertising, from social networks and generally from anywhere.

If you have something to give users - offer it as a reward for their email - this will greatly increase the conversion. A book, infographics, secret research or a half a kilo of goji berries - everything will go to good, depending on the topic. People love gifts and giving an email in return for something is much easier than giving it away for empty promises of wealth or weight loss.
In general, use subscription pages if you can not briefly describe the reason why you need an email client.

3. Topper

Unlike a popup, a topper does not cover content. And at the same time, the topper is impossible not to notice. And if he dynamically appears during a visit - then his visibility = 100%. The topper conversion is lower than that of the pop-up. And the implementation speed is slightly lower. Because no ESP has such functionality, so you have to use third-party services. List at the end of the article.

4. Just a form on the site.

Just the form on the site was seen by anyone who reads this text. It is necessary to use it, the conversion will not be super, but the quality of such subscribers is up to par. In addition, no annoying effects. You can make it more visible, less noticeable. Experiments will give an answer on how best to do. If you want more subscriptions - make the form more contrast, brighter. If you want to less distract the user from the content - less noticeable.

The day before yesterday I noticed how mail.ru does. If you are logged in, they immediately substitute your email in the subscription field, that is, it remains only to click on the button.

You can experiment with its display, test styles, button colors, captions to them. There is no universal recipe - only tests.

5. Subscription to registration

Subscribing the user to the newsletter at the time of registration is possible and necessary. The main thing is to tell him about it. I will single out 2 ways here.
Subscribe to a checkout in the online store and just to register on any site, service, media or forum. Email marketing, according to online store owners, is a favorite re-selling tool. And by signing a person who is ready to give you the money, you are very likely to secure a second sale.

Very often I recall the analytics of one of the major retailers of household appliances. Evaluated repeat sales made online. What kind of product do you think customers who bought a refrigerator bought? The answer is at the end of the article.

To sign a user at the stage of completing a purchase, you only need to add a confirmation checkbox with a description of what letters you will send. You can go a little further and immediately tick this box and put it. The main thing is to be able to remove it. After registration and subscription, the most difficult thing remains - to send the user the letters to which he has subscribed. Technically, checking in an online store and registering on any portal or service is one and the same thing - you will create an email record in your database. Therefore, when subscribing at the registration stage, the same principles work. Ask for permission and send the letters that the user has allowed you.

6. Offline collection

The last way in my ranking. In absolute terms, not the most effective, even if you have a large flow of customers. But the quality of these subscribers will be the highest. I’ll make a reservation that you can count on super loyal subscribers from offline only if you make it clear to the client why you take the email. I draw your attention to this because attracting someone offline costs a lot of money and if you spoil your customer relationship with spam, you will lose the money you spent on attracting. You can collect using paper questionnaires, using quality of service questionnaires, I participated in the implementation of the subscription form in the contract of sale. Your experts can ask the customer email verbally. I also like the mailchamp application, which can be installed on the iPad and give it to the client so that there are no errors when transferring the email to CRM,


If you have not tried pop-up, go and do it. No matter how it works at the very beginning. With the help of tests and experiments, you will understand how best you and your users.

Do not forget about the gift, the email is repeat sales that will pay for this gift very quickly. If you have an online store, then there should not be any excuses at all, be sure to popap with a gift.

List of services for quick implementation of popup

  • www.picreel.com  - specialize only in popups when closing
  • www.mailmunch.co  - there are different forms, but a meager gallery of templates
  • getsitecontrol.com  is the same as mailmunch, but again few templates
  • wisepops.com  is the same as mailmunch, but again few templates
  • mailchimp.com  - mailing service with built-in collection tools
  • hellobar.com  - Widget service. Free, but need ESP.
  • sumome.com  - Like hellobar, but subjectively less handsome. There is also a “smart” popup. There are few settings in the free version.


Write if you have forgotten whom.

By the way, the second product that was bought after the refrigerator was another refrigerator. Cool, yeah?

How do you collect subscribers?

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