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    Well, let's try? The first, pilot work, for the first, pilot Habr . Lynch .

    Lynching is in the form of a regular Habra comment tape. And the work is rated as "+" or "-". It is important. By casting your vote you are voting for the work .

    Welcome: sound criticism. Justified !!! I will personally put "+" to all objective comments. Your opinion is important to each work. This is not a place for flooding or off-topic holivars. I think habralum, those who are interested in this topic will support me in a zealous desire that there is no flood in the branch, and in the cruel karma-lowering of those who do not observe the etiquette of the artist in condemning the work.
    Not welcome:leave a rating and do not comment on it. Comments like "shit-fucking." If you are not a Subject (and I am sure that he is among us) then please be so kind as to not use these and similar epithets in this Lynch. An exception may be something like: “Shit. Because ... / explanation of the reason / " , although this is still disrespectful. Be tolerant.

    The question with the moderators remains open. I consider that they should be authoritative designers of Habra put forward by users themselves. I present it as follows - the moderator, when he wants to express his opinion about the work, adds his opinion in italics in the post and signs it. And so any interested moderator. His opinion is authoritative, and I consider it correct that it be the first or the same part of the post itself.

    The title of the post should be like this one, of the form "#n" where n is a variable, calculated by the formula n = x + 1, where x is the number of the previous work :)

    Well, like everything said. Will we try? So, I submit my work to the court. One of the three works, in the style of "sky_which_we_never_never_ see_n___moscow". In fact, with great trepidation, I relate to some of the architectural monuments of Moscow. Including the first "Stalinist skyscraper" - the building of Moscow State University. Then it turned out in profile. There are 2 more works in my LJ, who are interested. There is a link in the profile. Well, I put this to the public court: Original photo

    Faced a problem how to lay out a picture. You can use one of the hosting services. I use www.smages.com

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