Again a crash in the Selectel cloud ... How long?

    About 20 minutes ago, an SMS came from Y. Metrika that the server was located, which is located in the Selectel cloud. I checked it right there - no ping. I went into the control panel - the server is turned off and does not turn on.

    A cliff along the highway at Tech. Selectel's support stubbornly remains silent. A reasonable question - is quality striving for the Claudeau level? Is it time to look for alternatives ??? UPD No. 1: The first connection error occurred 45 minutes ago (22:42 Kiev time). The ticket was written at 23:06. At 23:30 - no response from TP. UPD No. 2: 1 hour downtime - TP is silent. I’m starting to count the number of failures by panel tickets: Statistics are not happy. At least 1 time per month there are problems. And the farther, the more often. UPD No. 3:

    $ tracepath
    1: dmitriy-laptop.local 0.118ms pmtu 1500
    1: no reply
    2: 2.301ms
    3: 1.669ms
    4: 2.165ms
    5: 12.662ms
    6: 33.749ms
    7: 45.507ms
    8: 64.501ms
    9: no reply
    10: no reply
    11: no reply
    12: no reply
    13: no reply
    14: no reply


    The machine began to respond, but fixing the file system does not help. The machine is rebuilt, but it all ends again with a FS fix. TP is still silent.

    UPD No. 4: According to TP, the problem was more complicated than they thought. My car has not started yet. :(

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