Evernote for iPhone 3.1: focus on speed

    Let me introduce the new version of Evernote for iPhone 3.1. In this update, the speed of work was significantly improved, a number of new functions were added and several bugs were fixed. as well as several fixes. A fresh release is available, as usual, in the App Store . Next, we briefly go over the main innovations.

    Instant shooting
    Working with photos has become much faster. Creating photo notes and adding pictures from the "Camera Roll" are much faster than before.

    Copy web pages
    Evernote has a built-in browser that allows you to quickly open the links stored in notes. Now you can not just visit this or that page, but also immediately save it in your notebook. To use this feature, select the “Add to Evernote” function from the send menu:


    Send by Email
    All Evernote users have their own special inbox for sending notes. Now in Evernote for iPhone it’s very easy to add this address to your phone contacts. This may not seem like a grand improvement, but given how much information we receive by mail every day, it would be useful to keep it for the future and always have it handy. Now you can do this by simply forwarding the letter to Evernote. You can view and add your Evernote address to your contacts in the “Account” tab.
    By the way, this address can also be found in the Settings section of the Evernote web interface.

    Command Sync
    Now you can sync your Evernote notes whenever you want. To do this, just click "Sync" in the "Account" tab. Evernote will also sync automatically from time to time, but sometimes there’s just no time to wait.


    Global repair
    In addition to new features, in version 3.1 we fixed a large number of errors to ensure a smoother and more stable operation of the application.

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