iPhone 4s or the disappointment of the year

    Yesterday an event took place, which was waiting since June this year. At exactly 10 o'clock local time, California time, the current head of Apple, Tim Cook, appeared on the scene and, accordingly, began the presentation. But the discussion now is not about the presentation itself, but about the moral state of the public on the occasion of its beginning.

    Every year an increasing number of iPhones are sold, in parallel with the growth in sales, the number of fans of the model and the brand as a whole is increasing.

    What am I leading, and to the fact that this very time of waiting for a new model for consumers has turned into a real torture. Moreover, this torture was constantly fueled by some rumors regarding the specifications of the new generation iPhone.

    Already in June, the audience was sufficiently warmed up for the announcement, while a broadcast from WWDC was watched by many, but (important point) sites such as Engadget did not fall. Then Steve Jobs stood on the stage and ... He did not show a new smartphone, thereby breaking the cherished tradition of the last four years, in the annual update of the device in the same place and at the same time, I emphasize.

    Fans then, I remember, were upset, but the main audience was satisfied (announced iOS 5 after all). And precisely the time of this presentation can be called the time of the beginning of an even more terrible torture.

    Indeed, judging from the point of view of sound logic, the absence of the iPhone 5 announcement at the WWDC conference meant that the device was made so innovative and “super mega awesome” that because of this it was necessary to shift its announcement. Especially if these arguments were supported by rumors about a radically new design, a new screen, etc.

    That is, during the period from June to September, the public was heating up so intensively and at such a pace. What the real boiling point was the announcement of the presentation date. It was an explosion. “Here is the date, the day when Apple finally gives everyone and everything!”, Thought millions of people including me.

    There has never been such an expectation of the new iPhone. The real climax was the broadcast. I will never forget the moment of the beginning - when one after another the sites rained down. All Russian repeaters such as iPhones.ru - lay from the influx of visitors. This, I emphasize, has never happened, so that everything is killed in turn. I did not believe my eyes when Engadget fell.

    Truly madness was going on, the madness that Apple had created, and without spending a dime on it. The whole world froze in anticipation of the new iPhone. There can be no better moment than now for the presentation of the five.

    “IPhone 4s - what?” Is a brief (no mat) reaction of everyone who followed. Watch the presentation video, it shows the reaction of the audience to what is happening. I repeat the situation, the presentation was watched by people who had never done anything like that. These are consumers, not fans. So, right after the announcement, the chats froze. No one could believe their eyes. A person standing on the last step of “happiness”, in front of euphoria, suddenly realizes that euphoria is carried over for a year ...

    And this was the most enormous disappointment, at least for a year. I can’t call the disappointment decades, because I don’t know the whole history of zero.
    I want to assume that the next announcement of the iPhone will not be able to reach such heights of universal attention. First of all, because everyone was waiting for him yesterday, and were in exactly the “right state”.

    This situation reminds me of the launch of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the passions among gamers were huge, and sales were justified, but when Black Ops was released coolly, MW3 is no longer bothered by the attention of its predecessor.

    Undoubtedly, sales of the Apple iPhone 4s will be colossal, record-breaking, well, or whatever they say at Apple. For Tim Cook, this is not a good start as for the head of the company. After all, I already heard somewhere, they say, Apple - is not the same ...

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