ICQ Mobile for Symbian - you heard right, for Symbian


    We have released a new version of ICQ Mobile for the Symbian platform. The main innovation of the release is support for multilingualism, in addition to Russian, English, German, Czech and Bulgarian have appeared.

    Naturally, for Russian users this is not as fundamental as for Europeans,
    for compatriots we made several interface changes. A serious customer redesign is expected later this fall.

    Perhaps someone had a question - why do we even deal with the Symbian client in the era of Android, iPhone and Nokia's alliance with Microsoft? The answer is very simple - Symbian is still alive.

    A few numbers:
    • Symbian is the most popular mobile OS in Runet . Moreover, the decline in its share has not yet begun, and if growth has stopped, it is only recently.
    • Symbian is the most popular smartphone platform in Europe. The fall in the share is catastrophic, but even if it continues at the same pace, in a year Symbian will be only the second.
    Another possible question - why do we need a separate client for Symbian, if there is a client for Java that works on any Symbian device? Here the answer is even simpler - it is simply better. J2ME has a number of extremely significant limitations or, more precisely, the Symbian API provides many additional features, life with which both the developer and the user becomes much more convenient. There are two decisive advantages, but each of them is worth a separate development:
    • The Symbian client supports multitasking much better, including sending notifications from the background.
    • Symbian client is much faster.
    Well, in addition, translucent icons, file transfer and other pleasant things.

    Download ICQ Mobile Symbian here .

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