PlayStation Suite SDK: release in November

    In November 2011, sales of the PlayStation Suite SDK will begin, including software libraries and software development tools for the PlayStation Suite.

    PlayStation Suite is an innovative cross-platform framework that facilitates the creation of games and other PlayStation applications for a number of Android-based devices. The PlayStation Suite aims to support the development of software for portable devices that are gaining popularity and to bring the PlayStation gaming experience to an open OS.

    Using the PlayStation Suite SDK, which supports the C # programming language, developers can create content for devices that have received a PlayStation Certified license, and for the upcoming PlayStation Vita console. The PlayStation Certified product line now includes the Xperia PLAY smartphone from Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P tablets from Sony Corporation, and new devices will join the collection in the future. Thanks to multi-platform compatibility, the PlayStation Suite SDK will reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

    PlayStation Suite SDK will allow publishers and developers to expand their business, gaining access to new portable devices based on Android. Also, SCE will be able to attract new companies involved in the creation of games and other software, as well as individual developers. Detailed information about the PlayStation Suite SDK will be published in the SCE official PlayStation Suite section of the official website.

    At the end of October, the first content for PlayStation Certified devices will appear on the PlayStation Store - in the first place, games for the original PlayStation (PSOne classics series). The new section of the online store will be available in Japan, the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia - later other countries will join them. And in the spring of 2012, games and applications created using the PlayStation Suite SDK will appear on the PlayStation Store.

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