Roslyn Project - compiler as a service

    Not so long ago, at the Build conference, there was a report “Future directions for C # and Visual Basic” by Anders Hejlsberg, in which the Roslyn Project was announced. Now not much is known about this development, but I will try to highlight the most interesting points that are currently available.

    Currently, C # and Visual Basic compilers are a black box - they take the source high-level code and give us ready-made IL-code. Roslyn Project is a compiler as a service, i.e. a compiler that provides the developer with an API to get to his internal data. Now you can analyze the code and take part in the compilation - to modify the source code, create additional functionality for C # and VB.

    Among other things, the Roslyn Project provides 4 types of APIs on the basis of which Language serivces will be built (they are indicated in brackets):
    • SyntaxTree (Formatter, Colorizer, Outlining)
    • Emit API (Edit And Continue)
    • Symbol API (Object Browser, Navigate To)
    • Binding & Flow Analysis API (Go To Definition, Extract Method, Signature Help, Quick Info, Rename, Find All References, Completion List)

    During the presentation, another interesting functionality of the project was shown - this is Copy Paste C # -code in VB.NET and vice versa.

    At the moment, the Roslyn Project has not yet been released, but CTP (Community Technology Preview) can be watched in two weeks, and it will be fully released with C # vNext (the version of C # that will be after C # 5.0) and will enter Visual Studio.

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