Codenamed Ubuntu 12.04 will be Precise Pangolin

    Mark Shuttleworth announced that the code name for Ubuntu 12.04 would be Precise Pangolin.

    According to tradition, the code name of each version of Ubuntu consists of an adjective and a noun starting with one letter - each time in alphabetical order. This time it was the turn of the letter "p".

    Shuttleworth explained that 12.04 would be an LTS version, that is, a version with long-term support, so it should be reliable and durable, as solid as a rock, and well protected. This version will be the face of Ubuntu for a long time, so it should not have problems, it should be clear and accurate.

    Shuttleworth listed more than a dozen names considered, but dwelled on this, which can be translated as “exact pangolin”.

    Pangolin - or the lizard - is a scaly insectivorous mammal, similar to an armadillo. Shuttleworth said that he recently spent several hours watching the pangolin in Kalahari, and can vouch for their accuracy - he did not miss a single anthill in the valley.

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