SocketPush Alpha - Universal Notifications for All Browsers + 3 Million Free Notifications

    We found that a number of browsers do not have an integrated GCM service in their arsenal. Among them, for example, Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox. Safari has APNS, but we will work through it a bit later.

    Also today there was a vivid example of the need for this function - one of the users complained that pushes did not work at his work: neither the web, nor through the add-on. The thing is that all unnecessary ports are blocked at his work. In our case, the socket works through proxy nginx on port 443 and is not blocked by filters.

    We need a little load testing, and also to check whether all notifications come to the right recipients. These notifications have been verified by me in chrome and firefox. Verification is needed in edge, ie (although I doubt that it will work) and of course safari.

    First of all, this is a convenient method to turn on notifications “for a while”, and then turn them off by closing the tab. Unlike other methods, this method does not work with a closed tab or browser window. Regarding inclusion, and a little about architecture - more under cat.

    How to turn on?

    In the upper right corner, after authorization , there is a question icon. You need to click on it and select "Enable until the tab closes," then enable notifications in chrome.

    How it works?

    The article is taken as a basis - We make web sockets in PHP from scratch.

    I made a wizard that monitors all requests for the socket, and a worker who listens to a redis subscription to receive commands for sending notifications, adding or deleting a user. Moreover, the master listens to the common socket with the worker, and the worker only writes to this socket when an alert needs to be sent. In turn, the wizard also listens on the sockets of the connected users and the socket for the connection. This allows in 2 processes to check sockets, new notifications and communicate between two processes without any locks.

    Unicast does not yet support this feature, it was done so that personal, important pushies do not fly away where it is not necessary in case of alpha version failures.

    Where will it be applied?

    • Temporary notification method
    • Receive notifications on unsupported browsers
    • Various plugins for other browsers, first of all, we will make a plugin for FF
    • Stationary client for computers

    How to test?

    Turn on notifications as mentioned in the first section. Then in your profile try pinging SocketPush a couple of times. Then try to administer through the test form below to make a test notification. Subscribe to channels, check how alerts will come from them.

    Describe how it works in various browsers. You can in the comments, or in our Google+ community

    3 million notifications every month

    We messed up a bit, it turns out the last time we reduced the number of alerts from 5k per day to 3k per day. Now we raise to 100k per day.

    PS. In safari tested - it works.

    But in Edge it seems to work and will not, I was informed that it does not even request access to notifications, that is, it seems that it does not support them at all.

    That is, every month you can send out 3 million notifications for free.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do universal notifications work?

    • 45.8% Works in Chrome 11
    • 20.8% Works in Firefox 5
    • 8.3% Works in Safari 2
    • 4.1% Works in Edge 1
    • 25% does not work in Chrome 6
    • 25% Doesn't Work in Firefox 6
    • 20.8% Doesn't work in Safari 5
    • 25% Doesn't work in Edge 6
    • 0% Works in another browser 0
    • 29.1% Doesn't work in another browser 7

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